Sunday, August 1, 2010

The "T" Family | Minneapolis Children's Photography

It is amazing how fast 1 year goes by. It feels like just yesterday, this little man's mom was calling me to tell me he had arrived and just a minute ago that we captured him at 6 months old. But no, an entire year has passed us by and little "S" isn't so little anymore. He's a big boy who is on the go and calls his dad by his first name! I loved that he would call his dad by his first name instead of dad. When I asked about it, they said that "S" picked it up when his mom would call for his dad by his first name. That cracked me up! I also loved how sweet and cuddly he was with his mom and playful and boisterous he was with his dad. "T" family, thank you for allowing me to capture the first year of "S" life. It was an absolute joy to watch him grow through the images.

Tway-1 Year-1


Tway-1 Year-6


Tway-1 Year-7

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