About Me

Capturing moments in one's life is the greatest gifts my love of photography has brought me. I have captured emotions, milestones, and the greatest of details. I always strive to bring a smile to peoples' faces, touch them emotionally and bring them back in time in order to relive moments again and again.

I am often asked "What do you photograph" and I always reply with one honest word, "people!" It is people that I love to photograph, be it a newborn baby nestled in their momma arms or the sweeping embrace of a bride and groom's first kiss on their wedding day. It is my job and passion to bring these moments life on digital media, in order for them to be shared over and over again.

Cider Press Studios was built on the foundation of creativity, honesty, and relationships. With each and every person that I come in contact wtih, I work to maintain those keystones. I want to get to know each person I photograph and what the stories behind their eyes are all about. I truely believe that each person's story is represented in their image on film.

I hope to meet you one day on your journey through life. I hope to learn more about your story and tell you a little about mine. I hope to share the experience of creating memories of your life with you!